Why Retaining Customers isn’t Enough

With today’s constant influx of marketing messages, keeping your current customers satisfied is vital. After all, satisfied customers are much less likely to be lured away by special deals and one-time offers from your competitors. And don’t be lulled into the belief that losing one customer is no big deal if you add another. The fact is, even when you replace one customer with another you lose ground in the form of increased marketing and lead generation costs.

3 Steps to Retaining Existing Customers

Retaining Existing Customers

You know that selling to existing clients makes great business sense but how can you encourage existing customers to do more business with you?

How To Upsell Any Customer

How To Upsell Any Customer

Upselling is a great way compound profit. In fact, some companies will even sell a product or service at a loss in the hope of a future upsell. In most cases, it works.

To Sell More, Focus on Existing Customers

Focus on Existing Customers

When you are performing at your peak, you are able to keep your competitors at bay. Moral of the story? Always be performing at your peak!


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