How to Increase Sales to Existing Customers

We all know that it is much more cost-effective to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. However, as a business owner, simply maintaining the status quo shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. To increase your bottom line, and keep your business growing and thriving, it’s important to look to sell more to your existing customers.

With today’s constant influx of marketing messages, keeping your current customers satisfied is vital. After all, satisfied customers will be much less likely to be lured away by special deals and one-time offers from your competitors. The ultimate goal, however, is to treat your customers in a way that builds loyalty that leads to repeat and increased sales.

What follows are some effective strategies that will allow you to gain additional sales from your customers.

  • Anticipate their needs. The more research you do on your customers, the better able you will be able to figure out exactly what they need from you. What products are you selling that your customer hasn’t yet purchased but could benefit from? In other words, how can your products or services add value to a customer’s operation?
  • Expand your list of contacts. Depending on the size of the company, make sure you are in contact with all managers that have purchasing power. Just because you work closely with one manager doesn’t mean you can’t work closely with others, as well.
  • Set yourself apart. No matter how long you have been working with a company, make sure you are always differentiating yourself from the competition. Remember, it’s easier for customers to work with one vendor, too. Always let them know that if you they need something more, you can provide it.
  • Continue to build trust. Your customers need to know that they can count on you. Just because you have a longstanding relationship with them doesn’t mean they know that. Present new ideas to make their business better. Call them out of the blue to see if they need anything. Consider hiring an outside telemarketing firm to conduct customer satisfaction surveys with your clients so that you get an objective view on what your customers really feel about your products and service.

Retaining customers is critical to your bottom line but increasing sales to these customers will allow you to be even more successful. Remember, your customers want to work with you-make sure they continue to feel this way.


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